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My own little gallery, where I continue to try to improve and find my own style. :D

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Drawings that either awe me, take my breath away, or just consistantly make me smile. (Or have a good idea I want to steal...:plotting:)
I saw this pop up in my feed — no one tagged me, but I was bored and in need of a distraction. >_>; They are in the order I thought of them in, so perhaps not necessarily in perfect order.

This will be a countdown of your top favorite Pokemon by generation. There are so many to choose from, can you narrow them down to five? Feel free to give a simple list, or something with a bit more explanation! 

In no particular order, let's start this!

Generation 1 — Kanto Region 

1. Starmie #121 Starmie (Aesthetically pleasing and a strong battler — I have taught just a few people to fear this pokemon. :') )
2. Butterfree #012 Butterfree012 Butterfree -Shiny- (Always had a soft spot for them, and with Compoundeyes, not a bad battler either! Also I have a shiny one in Sun and I luff her, she's beautiful and is a VIP for the Battle Tree and even online battles.)
3. Vileplume  #045 Vileplume (Not the strongest, but cute as heck.)
4. Raichu #026 Raichu (I loved Pikachu for a long time, now the evolution has grown on me more.)
5. Chansey #113 Chansey (Again, not strong but cute as heck.)

Generation 2 — Johto Region

1.  Blissey #242 Blissey (I find Chansey cuter, but she's still cute and a sp. def tank)
2. Miltank #241 Miltank (Cute and strong, does a nice Para/Flinch combo.)
3. Lanturn #171 Lanturn(Cute, and I have fond memories of a troll-y one I raised)  
4. Chikorita #152 Chikorita (Possibly the worst starter ever, battling wise? But so frickin' cute. And I still have fond memories of the one I had for a HeartGold nuzlocke I did. Chikooooo!)
5. Hoothoot#163 Hoothoot (The OG cute round owl. I always name them Hootie.) 

Generation 3 — Hoenn Region

1. Spheal#363 Spheal (Maximum roundness, perfect, 10/10)
2. Altaria #334 Altaria (So much fluff!)
3. Torkoal #324 Torkoal (I always admired Flannery's tanky Torkoal, despite how much I hated battling it. Finally raised one of my own recently, no regrets.)
4. Shroomish #285 Shroomish (Round grumpy blob. Also perfect.)
5. GardevoirGardevoir (It took until Gen 6 for me to really warm up to them, but then fairy type happened. Raised one during my first Y playthrough, she was amazing.)

Generation 4 — Sinnoh Region

1. Honchkrow  #430 Honchkrow by Pokemon-ressources(So cool. And tough. And cool. And tough. And—)
2. Empoleon #395 Empoleon (Probably why I started really liking the steel type.)
3. Mamoswine#473 Mamoswine (I want to ride one into battle. Tough and fluffy.) 
4. Togekiss #468 Togekiss(Adorable and tough as nails.)
5. Giratina#487 Giratina (I'd never seen this pokemon until I was exploring the postgame ruins in Diamond without Defog at 2AM. Suddenly this giant legendary that I was not at all expecting appeared out of nowhere and scared the crap out of me. 10/10)

Generation 5 — Unova Region

1. Whimsicott  #547 Whimsicott by Pokemon-ressources(Lookit that fluff! And again, fairy type happened; I didn't get a chance to play with its new type until Sun, but then I trained one there and it was all I hoped for. My sister-in-law loves the dragon type, I think she died a bit inside when I showed her my dragon slayer. xD)
2. Excadrill #530 Excadrill (The steel pokemon I've always wanted.)
3. Audino #531 Audino (So sweet, it needs hugs.)
4.  Emolga #587 Emolga (The only Pikachu wannabe I've ever liked.)
5. Gothitelle #576 Gothitelle(Love the design, and it has an awesome cry.)

Generation 6 — Kalos Region

1. Delphox #655 Delphox (I didn't like it at first, but I trained one and I really dig wizard fox now.)
2. Vivillion  Vivillon Emote (Pixel butterfly! What more can one ask for?)
3. Aurorus Aurorus Icon (Never got into the groove battling with it, but it is beautiful.)
4. Dragalge Dragalge Icon (Sweet design.)
5. Chespin #650 Chespin (I found Chesnaught a bit disappointing, but still find Chespin adorable! I wanna take it on an adventure.)

Generation 7 — Alola Region
1. Incineroar 727 Incineroar (I loathed the design when I saw it at first and was desperately hoping the leaks were fake, but I picked Litten anyway, and now I completely adore my stupid overdramatic wrestler cat. Whenever I use its special Z-Move I'm always think in a dramatic voice "let's settle this in the ring.")
2. (Alola) Persian#53' Alolan Persian (Similar to above, at first I hated the Alola design, but it really grew on me when I trained one.)
3. Wimpod #767 Wimpod (It's so wimpy and scared and I just wanna hug it.)
4. Decidueye #724 Decidueye (I dunno, it's just cool.)
5. Solgaleo #791 Solgaleo (Badass steel lion. Heck yeah.)

All time faves
1. Starmie #121 Starmie 
2. Butterfree #012 Butterfree 
3. Vileplume #045 Vileplume 
4. Incineroar 727 Incineroar 
5. Whimsicott #547 Whimsicott 

Feel steal this and do if you like!
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I tend to be really slow to reply, but otherwise I don't bite!

Also, I am on Tumblr: is my regular blog for reblogging cool things, and is my art and personal blog.


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